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May 2-5, 2024
Sedona, AZ

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Learn with Vickie how to connect with your soul

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Get a Personal Reading from Vickie!


Get a Personal Reading from Vickie!


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Energy Healings & Readings

Choose the best reading or healing for you or another person. Schedule a reading/healing with Vickie here.

Pets & Horses

As a pet medium, energy reader & healer,
both in person and remotely, Vickie loves to be a voice for pets.


Facilitator and speaker for workshops, retreats,

events, webinars & luncheons.

Meet Vickie Miller

Meet Vickie

Vickie Miller is a world-renowned spiritual leader, teacher, medium, intuitive and master energy healer, she helps everyone heal and manifest their best life! Vickie loves to open people up to their magical powers within to live a magical, abundant life.

Over 20 years ago Vickie fully stepped into her power and is so passionate about sharing her work with the world. Helping others to connect to spirit and work with energy to heal, grow, and manifest abundance to live their best life is her gift to the world!

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What people are saying…

“Vickie is an amazing energy healer and medium. She has helped me so much from my traumas and heartaches in my life. She’s shown me how to perceive things differently and has taught me how to manifest abundance and so many other great things. Thank you, Vickie.”

Joanie Stewart 
Joanie Stewart

“Just got done having a private group reading done. Seriously amazing. She knew things no one could possibly know. Definitely having a private session soon. I’m in awe. Thank you so much, Vickie.”


“My life has completely changed from the work I’ve done with Vickie. I cannot thank her enough for the gifts she has given me. Thank you, Vickie!”

Whitney Actress | Los Angeles

Rave Reviews for Vickie’s Book

“Manifest Anything You Want in 30 Days”

“I Give this book 5 stars! I’m not much of a reader- but this book was one more of a personal journey. I could read a page a day every day for 30 days and make myself accountable for what I want to manifest in my life! I loved the book! When I got to the end of the book- I was kinda sad that I had finished- but then- it came to me- Read It Again! Make it part of the daily routine. It’s a positive guide to manifesting what you personally want to achieve in your life. Short and Sweet! Good stuff! I have referred the book to all my friends…”

~ Tammy Holland-Davis