Enrollment Coming Soon!

Enrollment Coming Soon!

Welcome to Magical University, you lucky soul!


If you are reading this there is a reason Spirit brought you to my University.

Magical University is so much more than a “normal“ University. Seriously, normal is boring, right?! Realistically there is no such thing as normal which makes all of us beautiful and gifted in our very own way.

I created Magical University (ok maybe I channeled from Spirit ?) to help people go on a magical journey of woo and spiritual beauty. To experience practicality, magic and to unleash their magic, expand their intuition but most of all to heal themselves and others.

It is amazing that when we go on a self-discovery journey how much WE will open up and shift our energy. Which then ripples out into the world and helps heal others.

Everything starts with YOU! It is YOUR birthright to THRIVE in JOY, PEACE, and ABUNDANCE or do whatever you damn well please! (as longs as it doesn’t hurt others).

Our past lives, energy cords, beliefs, stories, and soul evolvement makes up our reality in life. Our whole life experience starts the moment we are conceived in our mother’s womb. Not only do you have many past lives infusing into your soul in this life.

EVERYTHING is energy and EVERYONE works with energy every day, they just don’t realize it. Energy is VERY contagious and is creating ALL parts of our lives. Energy feeds our mind, body, spirit, health, relationships, finances, our soul, and well-being on ALL levels. 

You can and will shift energy fast after taking one of my courses, or all of them ?.

Magical University is for those magical beings who want to learn to expand their intuition, heal, and uplevel their lives.

Magical University will take you on a journey of self-discovery, universal energy, the law of attraction, manifestation, how to work with energy to have more abundance, more love, and a more fulfilled life!

If you are wondering, “Is Magical University right for me?” Keep reading.

Magical University is for you if…

If you are ready to UNLEASH your magic. LIVE in abundance, flow, and joy. Live in your truth, stand in your power, and have a ROCKING life then Magical University will help you CREATE all of that and more. 

My goal is to get as many healers into the world as possible because we need you! The world needs you, Mother Earth needs you and so does the Universe. Let’s shift the energy and consciousness to one of Universal Love and Abundance.


Let’s get real, most people are programmed to listen to their head which many others have filled with what to think and do. 

There will be many programs and courses to choose from. ALL of them will shift your life and heal it. Choose the ones that feel good to you.

Our energy is like an onion peeling each layer back, we can only heal and take so much energy in at a time. You may be ready for the whole shebang and heal everything at once. If you are new to healing or self-awareness you may need to do smaller pieces at a time. Whatever is needed you will find it in Magical University.

I am sure many of you have picked up a book, started reading it, then put it down, never reading it again. You may have needed just that one chapter to shift something in your life. 

Or maybe you dove into the whole thing and could not put it down. That’s because you were ready for the whole experience. We all beat to our own drum and time, so allow your heart to choose for you.

In my courses, I teach you a ton about going into your heart space and telling your mind bye Felicia. Your intuition is your higher self speaking but many of us tell it nope not going to listen. Your higher self is your best friend and will ALWAYS lead you to your highest good. So why would you not want to listen? 

Seriously, it amazes me how many people listen to all of these “experts” instead of their intuition which is always 100 percent right. Yes, you were blessed with intuition. It may just be time to amplify it by turning it up and exercising that muscle. Which Magical University will help you do.



In order to shift your life, you have to shift your mind. You know what? You are always right! If you think you can’t, you can’t, if you think you can, you will. Change your mind, change your life.

Magical University Certification
~ 6-Month Online Program ~

I am offering this apprenticeship program to those individuals who are wanting to become professional energy healers, psychics, and mediums. And for the person who would like to take their current healing practice deeper. I will be referring my clients to my students after the completion of certification.

I want mediums, psychics, energy healers, pet healers, past life regression healers to be all around the world!

Imagine working on your own schedule, having more freedom to do all the things you love, having so much more abundance, and helping others light up? If that feels amazing then my certification program is for you! 

You will go through an amazing healing journey and you will learn how to help others on all levels.

I will teach you EVERYTHING I have been doing professionally for over 25 years. I have been a professional medium, psychic, energy healer, published author, radio show host, manifesting coach, retreat leader, channeler, and pretty much a living prayer for spirit all of my life. 

WHAT is the curriculum? So much of the yummy spirit world is infused into practicality and healing. 


Enrollment starts soon!

 Course Curriculum Schedule


  • Sacred space, clearing, and grounding must
  • Awaken and open your third eye
  • Grounding
  • Energy tools that are a MUST
  • Oracle card readings


  • Intuition 101
  • Opening to your Intuition and expanding it
  • How to read energy
  • Astro travel
  • Psychic tools to read energy


  • Mediumship – how to connect and chat to loved ones in spirit
  • Meet your Guides and work with them
  • Connect with Angels
  • Animal totems
  • Universal energy and how to work with it


  • Energy healings
  • Womb healings
  • Energy cord cuttings
  • Cell memory healing
  • Past life regression and healing


  • Energy healing – Sound healing
  • Info about Crystals
  • Essence oils
  • Chakra healing
  • Sound healing


We will connect on a private Facebook group. 

You will have new videos weekly to watch on my Teachable-powered courses website (add the link here). 

You will have homework which will be fun! I am sure your family and friends will want you to practice on them. You will need to turn in a sheet with the information from your homework each month.

I will have a live webinar two times a month to answer all those questions along with being available to you on the Facebook group.

To be an awesome psychic, medium, and energy healer. YOU have to be at your highest vibrational frequency, do your soul work to connect to spirit, and be the best channeler you can be. My course will help you, and that will attract your best life.

After you are certified you can be added to my website for a reasonable yearly cost to be a practitioner. I have thousands of clients that I have worked with for over 25 years. I am limiting my private readings and healings meaning I will be pushing them your way.

Supplies You Will Need:

Oracle Cards

Any that you resonate with


Tuning Forks

Vickie Luna's Essence Oil Sprays

Protection, Self Love, Let Go, Magic, and Manifest