Meet Jody,

Specialty: Aromatherapy & Herbalism

If you have a condition you are looking to treat naturally, this consultation will provide a deep dive into the client’s medical history, diet, sleep, exercise, and current medications taken to determine what could be the root cause of the issue in question. Custom blended teas, herbs, oils, and other products will be curated to help control or eliminate the problem. Recommendations for diet and supplements will be provided. $20 of the consultation fee can be used toward any product. Products are infused with sound vibration and intention.

Jody Pesapane is an Herbalist, Clinical Aromatherapist, Advanced Pranic Healer, a graduate of Magical University, has her Masters in Education, and is a certified teacher in science.

She is the CEO and formulator of Mindful Mixtures, a plant-based company started in 2015.

Aromatherapy & Herbalism Consulation 

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