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What Your Horse Can’t Tell You, a Psychic Can

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If you have sometimes wondered what’s on your horse’s mind, energy reader Vickie Miller says she can tell you. “I sense how they’re feeling because I feel it in my own body,” says Emanuele, who works bicoastally in Florida and California.

How a Psychic Medium Broke Through My June Gloom

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Recently I had a session with a medium named Vickie Emanuele, who I’d met when we were unexpectedly seated next to each other at a dinner. I’d been floored by how much she could sense about me, my family, my friends. I hadn’t believed in any of it until then.

WPET Talk Radio: Meet Our Experts

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Her passion is to educate people how to communicate to their pet and show the owner how to work with energy to heal their pet so the pet can live a pain free, happy, healthy life!

Vickie has been a guest on a local radio station for 2 years and has been on Adopt a Pet T.V.

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The book, “Manifest Anything You Want in
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I have regularly used Vickie for almost 10 years to communicate with my animals.  She has helped guide me and my vets through several difficult-to-diagnose issues with my horses, and has made a huge impact on my ability to keep my animals happy and healthy!

Laurie Birnbach

Director of Business Development, Fox Leah Farm

I’m manifesting money like crazy— next will be Love. Vickie’s teachings transformed & saved my life during COVID


Her workshops are life changing!

She was able to go into my energy remotely, align my chakras and create an amazing experience for me. I felt a 180’ after working with me. Vickie’s the best!


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